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You noticed that if you wave with your hand in front of the device, a glowing ring (Wave-devices) or light (View-devices) appears. You can decide for yourself what the meaning of this glowing ring/light must be. You can choose between:

  • A white light: my device is connected to a hub

  • A colored light: based on your chosen CO2 thresholds the sensor will show a green/yellow/red ring.

By default, the glowing ring/light is white. In the dashboard, you can change the settings to enable the CO2- alert.

You can read more about the CO2- alert here: https://www.airthings.com/business/co2-alert

How to enable CO2 Alert:

  1. On the Dashboard, click on Buildings from the navigation menu and choose the building for which you want to activate the alert.

  2. Go to the tab Devices.

  3. On the upper right side of your page, you will find Configure devices.

  4. Open the page Glow indicator behavior with the arrow button on the right.

  5. Here you can choose if the Wave/View should display a CO2 alert and you can configure the thresholds and the alert frequency.

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