To see the sensor data in the dashboard, you need to register your devices. In this article, we show you how you can dot this!

Before you can add devices, you need to add buildings. In the menu on the left, you go to Buildings.

If you already have created a building, you can click on the building to add a device. If you haven't created a building yet or you want to create a new building, you can click on the button +Add building.

Fill all the required fields and save the building. Once the building is created, you will see the Building page. To add a device, you choose the tab Devices and you click on Add device.

Fill in the required fields and click on Finish or Add next to add another device to this building. Now you will see the devices on the corresponding Building page.

If you don't see the Buildings button in the menu on the left, it is because you don't have a business account.

The business account is typically set up by Airthings during the purchase process by your Sales Contact or by the Airthings for Business Customer Success Team (if you purchased directly from the website). Something may have gone wrong in this process so please contact us so that we may upgrade your account to a business account.

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