The Wave Mini for Business supports mold risk indication as a virtual sensor in the Business Dashboard. The sensor will give you an indication of the mold risk on a scale from 0 to 10. To activate this feature, simply navigate to your device settings, open the Features tab and activate the mold risk indication.

What do my mold risk levels mean?

We have used the criteria for moisture control in buildings based on ASHRAE standards (a global society advancing human well-being through sustainable technology for all buildings). Their mold index scale is from 0 (no mold) to 6 (full mold growth population) and it takes into account material types to describe the total accumulated mold after a certain time. We base our indicator on the rate change of the mold index: 0 means declining index, while 10 means maximum increase to the index.






Little risk for mold growth, but there is always a possibility for mold above 0



Mold will grow especially on vulnerable materials such as textiles and wood



There is a high mold risk for all kinds of materials

Where should i place my device?

For the most accurate readings, the device should be placed where mold is most likely to grow. The most vulnerable areas are often the coldest and least ventilated, here are some examples:

Next to a wall or on a windowsill

Underneath or behind furniture

Towards the floor on external walls

Next to underground external walls

Small enclosures (such as behind an access door or wall)

Please note that if you have another device measuring the indoor air quality in the same room as the device used for mold risk indication, the readings of the sensors on the two devices will most likely differ a lot. This is the reason why we do not recommend device placements like these when measuring the indoor air quality.

Why can't I use my Wave Plus for Business as a mold risk indicator

The Wave Plus for Business device includes a CO2-sensor and a Radon sensor which does not function well in high humidity environments. We have not included the mold risk indication for this device because we do not want to encourage placements that can make the readings of its sensors unreliable, and possibly damage the device.

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