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Wave: what do my mold risk levels mean? (Wave Mini only)
Wave: what do my mold risk levels mean? (Wave Mini only)

How to interpret the mold risk level.

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What do my mold risk levels mean?

Green (0-3):

Good. Little risk for mold growth, but there is always a possibility for mold above 0.

Yellow (3-5):

Fair. Mold will grow especially on vulnerable materials such as textiles and wood.

Red (5-10):

Poor. There is a high mold risk for all kinds of materials.

Have 0 mold risk?

Seeing 0 is a very typical reading. If your humidity is always less than 80% in the most humid location in your room, you likely have no risk of mold. If you think there is a high likelihood of mold, move the device closer to the suspected mold risk area. Humidity can vary significantly in different parts of the room, which is why it is important to locate the Mini correctly when using as a mold risk indicator.

Check out this article for tips on how to reduce the risk of mold growth!

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