This article highlight some fundamental concepts to help debug Airthings for Business connection issues, as a collection of FAQ.

Q: Why am I getting intermittent data from my device via the Hub?

For devices that have intermittent samples it is most likely due to two reasons

  1. Cellular connection to the hub is not optimal. Try to move the hub to get better cellular connection (compare with your phone service) or consider using ethernet instead

  2. Borderline signal strength from Wave Plus/Mini to Hub device. We normally see this when the RSSI is less than -85 dB. Try to move the Hub or Wave Plus/Mini a bit closer to each other to get a more stable connection.

Q: Why does not my Ethernet connection work?

Generally, there is no need to configure the network settings on the Hub, but there may be some limiting factors on the client network side (i.e. firewall). The Hub is using DHCP, port 443 for HTTPS communication to Cloud. Check your network settings and make sure the hub is able to reach the URL

The easiest way to verify this is by connecting your computer to the ethernet cable being used by the Hub and entering in the in your web browser address field. The connection should be OK if you get the text {"message":"Forbidden"} in the browser.

Q: Which domains do I need to white list if I use ethernet?

Following domains need to be added:

Only adding HTTPS is sufficient.

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