The Airthings for Business solution is a revolutionizing indoor air monitoring system to improve the health and increase the productivity of tenants in a building while finding an optimum to reduce energy costs.

Introducing the Solution

This is a complete system for remote monitoring of Radon and Indoor Air Quality, comprised of a State-of-the-Art Internet of Things (IoT) architecture;

Our monitors measure Indoor Air Quality. Depending on the monitor it will measure Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, CO2, TVOC, Radon, Noise, and also Light. This information is then sent every 5 min to the Hub for Business using a proprietary protocol called SmartLink, fully optimized for low power consumption and robustness. The Hub for business will then use ethernet or the built-in cellular modem to communicate to the Airthings Cloud, implemented with AWS services.

The data is made available through our Business Dashboard or through a third-party solution by making use of the API integration functionality (Webhooks, REST, etc.). This is a path towards controlling a building with the sensor data provided by our sensors. We already have Tridium Niagara 4 and IWMAC support, with more to come.

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