Place the sensor

  • Where you would like to measure the air quality! The device itself is recommended to cover (but not limited to) less than 50 square meters.

  • Within range of the Hub. SmartLink protocol can easily penetrate 3 thick concrete walls/floors or 10 drywalls in an office building. Old industrial constructions or deep underground areas may be challenging and should be evaluated first.

  • At a height of 1.1 - 1.70m (Breathing Zone)

  • With a screw (if necessary) or the included 3M adhesive (flat surface)

Avoid placement in proximity to

  • Large metal objects/cabinets

  • Doors or Windows

  • Fresh air supply

  • Sources of heat (i,e radiators) or humidity (i.e. Showers)

  • Outer Walls

This indicator should make it easier for you to find an optimum placement.

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