You will find the installation guide in the business manual at

Here is a short summary;

  1. You should get an invitation email to your Business Account, if you have not gotten any email (check spam folder), you should contact Do not create your own account at, as that would be a consumer account and limit the feature set.
  2. Register and start-up a Hub. Wait for the green cloud icon to be lit.
  3. Register Wave Plus / Mini and then distribute them to their installation point. Pull the battery tab and mount device on the wall using 3M command strip.
  4. Verify with Business Dashboard

Good to know:

  • The Hub for Business can manage up to 30 Wave devices, but we recommend maximising at 25 to ensure a robust network.
  • During installation, SmartLink connection establishment and first data transmission may take up to 8 hours. This is a known limitation related that we will improve.
  • It will take 7 days for the TVOC, CO2 and Radon sensors to self-calibrate. During these 7 days, it should be allowed a best case scenario (i.e. office building is empty)
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