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Hub: I don’t see data coming from the Wave devices through the Hub
Hub: I don’t see data coming from the Wave devices through the Hub

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Updated over a week ago

If data is not updating from your Wave devices and you have a Hub, please check out these steps:

  1. Please make sure the linking process from the Wave device to the Hub was successful. In order for the Hub and the Wave devices to have been successfully linked, they must have both been added successfully to the app in the first place. For example, the Wave device must be visible in your app before you can successfully link it to the Hub.

  2. If you know you have already successfully linked your Wave device to the Hub, and your data still isn't updating, please verify that thepower and cloud light indicators on the Hub are green for power and internet connectivity. If the Smartlink indicator is green, it means 1 or more Wave devices are already connected and you should wait.

  3. Is it possible the Wave device might be out of range? Move the device close to the Hub for an hour and check if the App device overview indicates a Hub connection by showing a signal strength bar in the app, then move the Wave back to its place and verify signal strength in the app. If the connection stops again, you might need to move the Hub to a different place. However, the Hub should confidently cover a large home.

If you have tried these steps already, please contact our Support team if you are still encountering issues 😊

You can chat with us via the app through "Support" int he menu, or you click on the Chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen if on the Airthings website.

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