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New App & Pro Dashboard

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In the Box you will find the following:

  • 3 AA batteries

  • Allen/hex key

  • USB cable – for use with the CRA PC Software 

Under the Monitor

  • Serial number

  • Calibration date 

  • Tripod socket to be used with a camera tripod (not included)

Front Side of the Monitor

  • Reset button – left

  • USB slot for the USB cable – top right

  • Anti-theft lock slot – use a laptop cable lock (not included)

Things to know

Use the Allen/hex key to unscrew the lid located under the unit and install the 3 AA batteries. As soon as the batteries are inserted, the device will start reading automatically. The monitor will beep and flash for approximately 45 seconds. Then it will flash green or yellow. There is no OFF/ON button. The unit remains on at all times and the battery lifespan is approximately 14 to 18 months. Do not remove the batteries after a radon test and store all monitors with the batteries installed.

1- Getting Started

Go to and type in the search bar Videos - NEW Corentium Pro App & Pro Dashboard. We have created a series of short instructional videos to guide our users. It is imperative that you do not skip this step and that you watch all of the videos. Please note that you will need to create a company account, and register your monitors to your company in order to use them.


  • is the URL to access the Pro Dashboard - covered in the instructional videos.

  • Once the Pro Dashboard registration and information has all been entered, proceed to the next step of downloading the app. 

  • If at any step you are unsure, please review the instructional videos.

3- Downloading the App

  • iPhone and iPad, go to the Apple App Store and download the Corentium Pro App.

  • Android phones and tablets, go to Google Play and download the Corentium Pro App.

NOTE: To be able to use the App, you must first create your account on and register all Corentium Pro monitors.

Flashing light indicators

  • Green LED flashing once every 5 seconds indicates the monitor is operating and in good health status.

  • Green LED flashing once per second indicates a radon test is scheduled.

  • Yellow LED flashing indicates a warning but is still operational. This usually means that the monitor needs to synchronize the date, time, and time zone. To bring the Pro back to green light status, connect to the app by scheduling a new test.

  • RED LED blink indicates Error. Please go to and type RED. If this does not solve the issue, contact us by clicking here.


The radon sensors in Corentium Pro are made for inside use.Avoid excessive humid conditions, freezing conditions, and extreme heat.  Store the Corentium Pro in its protective case, with batteries installed, in a location with low to normal relative humidity and avoid extreme temperatures.  Storing Corentium Pro in a vehicle is NOT recommended. 

Failure to follow these operating/storage requirements will void the warranty.

  • 5% to 85% non condensing relative humidity

  • 39ºF to 104ºF (4ºC to 40ºC)


The Windows based CRA PC Software is used by our technical department to provide you support. If needed, download the software at, and type CRA in the search bar. 

More information

Go to and scroll down to Corentium Pro by Airthings. You will find several helpful articles, FAQs, instruction guides and videos. We hope you enjoy using your new Corentium Pro monitor.

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