Bluetooth version and range:

The Airthings App syncs with the Wave Mini using Bluetooth. Bluetooth is used to obtain the data from the Wave, and then the App pushes the measurement data to the cloud which makes your data visible in your online dashboard.

The Wave requires a phone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.2 or higher in order to successfully transfer collected data from your Wave to your mobile phone/tablet.

The Bluetooth range of the Wave, Wave Plus, and Wave Mini depends on a variety of a factors including phone make/ phone model/ the building material in your house etc.

For example, if you have cement walls between rooms, your Bluetooth range will be significantly lower than if you have wood or drywall. Bluetooth connectivity should be possible within 10 meters (about 30 feet) of your Airthings device. Of course, if you are still unable to sync your device we advise you to move closer and try again.

If you have an Airthings Hub, your Wave Mini will use SmartLink instead of Bluetooth to transfer data to the Hub. The Hub then pushes the data to the cloud, enabling you to see up to date values in your app and dashboard at all times, no matter where you are.

Airthings SmartLink is a form of long-range wireless communication, developed by Airthings. It is based on the Sub-1 Ghz communication protocol and it is designed for long-range robust connectivity of up to approx 100m/ 330ft.

The Wave 2nd gen, Wave Mini and Wave Plus have Airthings SmartLink, which makes them compatible with the Hub. The Hub allows you to stay connected to your devices and access up to date data from anywhere using SmartLink and the internet, instead of Bluetooth.

Additional connectivity:

If you are using Bluetooth to sync with your devices on the App (i.e. not via SmartLink and the Hub) your phone will need either 3G/4G/5G or Wifi in order to send the data from your phone to the cloud, where your measurements are stored.

From here you can view your own personalised dashboard with your data at:

To quickly check if your device is compatible you can search for your mobile phone or tablet here:

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