When first pairing your Wave Plus with your tablet or phone you will see your first measurements appear after approx. 1 hour. 

While the temperature, air pressure and humidity are ready to go, the TVOC and CO2 sensors will need some time to calibrate, and the radon sensor needs to "learn" about its environment. You can see this from the Airthings App (highlighted in yellow below).

Why do I need 7 days to calibrate the TVOC and CO2 sensors?


The CO2 and TVOC sensors need 7 days to calibrate and adjust their correct baseline for their environment. VOCs can also need to "burn off" from its production.

And what about radon? 

The Wave Plus has a radon sensor which takes hourly recordings of the radon in your environment, and these hourly readings contribute towards rolling averages. The radon sensor is designed for long term measuring, so the most reliable result is the long term average. 

We advise you to measure for at least 30 days before deciding whether any mitigation action is necessary. The longer you measure for, the more your montior can collect and the more reliable your average will be.

Remember! Temperature, humidity, air pressure, and CO2 are measured every 5 minutes, while radon is measured hourly. :)

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