Where you should place it ✔:

You should place the Wave Mini where you spend the majority of your time in your home, so you can understand more about the air you breathe the most! If you want to focus on mold risk indication, there are separate placement instructions that can be found here on how to place the Mini for mold risk indication.

You can mount your Wave Mini to a wall, or you can simply lay it flat on a shelf or a table facing upwards.

  1. Mounted to a wall

2. On a table or shelf

For optimum functionality and longevity, we recommend:

  • Place at approximate breathing height if possible

  • Make sure it is laid flat on a solid surface

  • Avoid damp/ humid environments in excess of 85% humidity

  • Place where it cannot easily be tampered with (pushed/moved/damaged)

  • Keep in mind the distance the waving feature works is about 25 cm (10 inches), so it is good to place it somewhere within reach

Where you should not place it ❌:

  1. Outside

2. In direct sunlight

3. In an area with heavy dust or in water

How to perform your measurements

We strongly advise:

  • Resetting the monitor when starting a new measurement or changing location

  • Not moving the monitor while performing a measurement

  • Measuring for at least 30 days

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