While testing and becoming familiar with the new app you may wish to still use the old app until your radon testing company decides to fully switch over to the new app. The old app and new beta app can be used at the same time. It is possible to schedule a radon test with the old app, and it can still be accessed though the new up after upgrading the dataset! 

NOTE: The old app is no longer available for download in both Google Pay and Apple App Store. You may continue using it during the transition period.

This article explains how to upgrade old datasets in the new app: http://help.airthings.com/en/articles/3709450-pro-app-2-0-upgrading-old-datasets

Additionally, datasets which were scheduled with the new app can be accessed with the old app, however, the additional information and features of the new app will not be present in the dataset accessed through the old app. This additional information will not be deleted from the dataset and will still be present if you access the dataset again from the new app.

In order to switch from one app to the other, you must first force quit the app to close any bluetooth connections with your Corentium Pro monitor! If a connection is still active with one app, that monitor will not be visible in the other app.

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