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Wave Plus: can I change the location?

Portability, changing the room, measuring in a new place

Updated over a week ago

Want to measure in a new location? - No problem! The Wave Plus is portable.

When you want to change the location (address) or room of your Wave, Wave Plus, or Wave Mini and start a new measurement there, simply follow this procedure:

  1. Select the monitor you would like to move, and click on the settings icon in the top right hand corner:

2. Select "Device settings":

3. Select "Change Room" and select the new room name or edit the name of the new room yourself. You can also select "Change Location" (if you want to move it to a different building).

Your Wave/Wave Plus/Wave Mini will automatically set up a new measurement and will start acquiring data from the new environment. Your monitor will go through a 7-day calibration period to adjust to the surroundings of the environment, and your past measurement will be available to view in the online dashboard.

Remember! You should measure in one location for at least 30 days for a reliable long term average. The longer you measure for, the more accurate reflection of your environment.

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