What is the color indicator?

The colour indicator appears as a small dot on the wave mini like this (pictured green below):

And the color changes depending on the quality of your air:

  • GREEN: All of the sensors indicate good air quality :)

  • YELLOW: One or more sensors indicate average air quality :/

  • RED: One or more sensors indicate poor air quality :(

But, what causes it to change color?

The sensor thresholds below indicate what causes the color change.

Please note, the temperature does not influence the overall color on Wave Mini or in the app, considering this can vary depending on your location and climate. However, a small color dot will appear beside the temperature value itself, to indicate whether it is within ideal comfort levels.



For example, you suddenly notice the color has changed to red on your Wave Mini, what could it mean?

It means the indoor air quality is now poor. To check why it is poor, go to your app and sync your device to find out which aspect of your air needs your attention:

You can see in the screenshot above that the humidity level has gone below 25%, which will indicate poor air quality and cause a red dot to appear on the Wave Mini.

You can read why humidity below 25% is considered poor here, along with information on what our other sensors measure here.

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