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We have transitioned away from the former app and have implemented the NEW APP & Pro Dashboard. Users of the old app may continue to use it, but note that it is no longer available for download as of December 2020.

NOTE: This is a NEW APP and not an update. You will need to download v2+ by searching with the keyword Corentium Pro by Airthings.


The new Airthings Pro application allows you to connect to the Corentium Pro Radon instrument in order to start a test, retrieve data and generate custom reports. It has been redesigned from the ground up with a completely new mobile app, and a new Pro Dashboard for storage of your radon test data and reports.

iOS: To download the New App, go to the Apple app store and enter Airthings Pro in the search menu.
System requirements are iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Android: To download the New App, go to the Google Play store and enter Airthings Pro in the search menu. Requires Android 8 or later.
*BETA version for Android 7.

- Enjoy the completely new user interface which is easier to navigate;

- Assign custom names to your monitors into the app for easier identification;

- Configure flexible report templates and generate custom reports.

- Add more information about the property being tested, the client, the property owner;

- Specify the type of test that is being performed and add more information regarding the radon test;

- Start test directly from the app;

- Add new information retrospectively into datasets completed with the prior app;

- Secure your Corentium Pro Radon Instrument by tying it to your radon testing company so no one outside of your company can use it;

- Store all your datasets online and access it with the Airthings Pro Online Dashboard;

- Have your field professionals add photos to the dataset and upload it to the new online dashboard and have another professional analyze the data at a separate location.

- With more features and report customization options coming up very soon, the Airthings Pro application will bring your Corentium Pro Radon Instrument to the next level.

- Display the atmospheric pressure in Inches of Mercury for our American users

Please continue to send us your comments at so we can continue to work at making the Corentium Pro the best CRM on the market.

Thank you for your trust,
The Corentium Pro team.

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