No, your Wave Radon is always on and always measuring your radon levels. 

The data collected by Wave Radon is saved logged locally on the device, and becomes visible in the Airthings App/ Dashboard as soon as you sync your device again. Wave Radon stores all measurements locally on the device itself for 80 days.

Once you sync to the App, it allows you to visualize your radon levels on your phone or tablet, and see how radon, temperature and humidity has behaved over the past 48 hours, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year.

In order to get the latest readings from your Wave Radon you must be in proximity of the device, have Bluetooth turned on, and open the Airthings App. Once Wave Radon has synced with your phone, all of the measurements that are saved on the monitor will upload to the cloud and be available for you to see in the app or from your online dashboard at

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