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Wave: how does the radon alarm work? (Wave Radon 1st generation only)
Wave: how does the radon alarm work? (Wave Radon 1st generation only)

Wave Radon 1st generation only

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The audible radon alarm is a feature of Wave Radon 1st generation only.

If the alarm feature is activated in your device settings for Wave Radon 1st gen (you can enable this in the app) the radon alarm will sound once every 15 minutes if the levels meet the following condition:

The alarm will sound if levels have been high at +4.0 pCi/L or 200 Bq/m3 and there has been more than 30 days since you waved to the monitor.

How do I turn the alarm off?

The alarm is snoozed for 30 days if you wave over the monitor. The alarm will also automatically snooze itself if the alert has sounded for every 15 minutes for 24 hours, in order to conserve battery.

This means if your monitor is in a location where no one will wave to it and your levels are high, the alarm will sound every 15 minutes for 24 hours, one day a month.

Although the radon alarm is a great tool to notify you about your radon levels, we recommend syncing with your monitor often using the Airthings app to keep track of your radon levels😊 .

You can also disable the alarm completely in the device settings.

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