Our Corentium Pro is known for its mobile reporting system.

With your mobile app you can generate a report on the spot and send it by email, as PDF - right away.

With our mobile app you can:

  • add or remove your company logo and/or company headline, to customize it with your company identity;
  • add or remove detailed measurement data, with min/max/average values of Radon, temperature, humidity and pressure during the measurement;
  • add the table of hourly radon measurements for the last 48 hours (w/ timestamp & Radon values);
  • add the Radon chart;
  • add the chart for the additional temperature and humidity sensors;
  • add your comments;
  • sign the report on the spot, with our unique e-signature feature.

There are really endless combinations - here you can find a couple of examples to show you how a report looks like.

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