Facility managers are getting pushed to raise the bar. Tenants, employers, parents and the community are demanding optimized spaces that improve health rather than diminish it. Furthermore, new EU legislation demands it. The difficulty is, office windows often don’t open and buildings are made air tight to keep energy costs down – meaning less fresh air. For the average office or other building to compete with new buildings with a wide range of services and amenities they will need to become smarter.

Using Indoor Air Quality monitoring systems to analyze and quantify the productivity in offices, businesses or schools allows businesses to attract and retain talent, commercial real estate companies to drive rent and occupancy rates and schools to create safe and healthy places that parents will feel confident sending their children to.

Introducing  Airthings for Business Wave Plus and Airthings for Business Hub

The first complete system for remote monitoring of Radon and Indoor Air Quality. With the Airthings Dashboard, Airthings mobile app, and an API option, the solution allows facility managers, employers and key decision makers to improve wellbeing and increase productivity by easily monitoring serious indoor air pollutants. The system can adapt to every size building to bring sustainability and energy efficiency to any project at a low cost.

The Airthings Ecosystem

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, killing approximately 58 people per day in the United States. People spend 90 percent of their time indoors and because of this, Airthings believes that measuring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the most important step in preventing illness and improving health, while increasing productivity, and reducing energy consumption. This is why the Airthings Ecosystem is expanding with two new products: Airthings Wave Plus and Airthings Hub. The complete system to measure Indoor Air Quality and Radon in large, populated buildings.

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