In April 2019 we launched the new generation of our Airthings Wave smart radon detector.

The Wave 1st gen and 2nd gen still measure the same things:

  1. Radon
  2. Temperature
  3. Humidity

However, there are a few other differences:

  • While Wave 1st gen is equipped with Bluetooth BLE technology only, Wave 2nd gen works with both Bluetooth BLE and Airthings SmartLink.
  • Due to the above, the Wave 2nd gen is compatible with the Airthings Hub, while the Wave 1st gen is not.
  • The technology used in the Airthings Wave 2nd gen has the same high quality as the Wave 1st gen, so the accuracy and precision of our sensors are still comparable. However, the Wave 1st gen measures temperature and humidity every hour, while the Wave 2nd gen measures temperature and humidity every 5 mins.
  • The Wave 2nd gen does not include the same audible alarm of the Wave 1st gen due to customer feedback! However, it is still perfectly possible to set up your own alerts by easily integrating with IFTTT 😊.

A lot has been updated "under the hood": from a new firmware to a new internal logic, the Wave 2nd gen is a big step forward in terms of functionality and user experience, much closer to that of a Wave Plus.

To distinguish between the Wave 1st gen and Wave 2nd gen, check the model number under the mounting plate:

  • Airthings Wave 1st gen simply says "Model: Airthings Wave";
  • Airthings Wave 2nd gen says "Model: 2950 Wave".
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